Distillery District Luggage Storage Guide in Toronto

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The Distillery District is Toronto’s top destination for Arts, Restaurants, and Entertainment. A commercial and residential village that combines history with architecture, design, and creativity. It contains some of the heritage buildings of Canada as well as a number of art galleries. with more than 40 boutique shops the district is well-known for its first-class shopping, Everything from stylish and trendy products to unique and old special gifts.

Distillery District
Image by Distillery District’s website

The Distillery District is located east of downtown Toronto, It was opened for the public in 2003 But it previously housed the Gooderham and Worts Distillery which was once one of the largest distillers in Canada. And now the district is populated by artists and their art is studious. The Distillery District is a great place for those who love exploring art galleries, restaurants, and shops.

Where to Store Your Luggage?

Luggage Storage Guide
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Toronto has countless museums and other attractions But it will definitely be a bad experience if you can’t enter any museum or art gallery because of your heavy backpacks or luggage. And unfortunately, there aren’t lockers or left luggage facilities in the Distillery District. So, You need to store your bags elsewhere in Toronto city to visit and experience the best things in the Distillery District.

And some of these new-gen companies can help you to enjoy a luggage-free day trip in the district and we have listed them below with their pricing details for the luggage storage service.

BagsAway: A luggage storage company offers luggage storage service in Toronto, Charges less than left luggage at the stations and airports, and provides insurance without extra charges.
STasher: Same as other luggage storage providers, It’s another great option to choose for luggage storage solutions in Toronto.

And then there are a number of other storage companies like LuggageHero, Vertoe, and Bagsbnb that offer the same service and can help you to store your bags securely. And the good thing about this kind of service is that they offer flexibility on a different level, And all these options are trusted and tested by a lot of people. You can go with any of these options and you will be charged anywhere between $1-3 per hour or $6-10 per day to store luggage.

Alternative Option

There is no free locker, But you can visit InterContinental or Chelsea Hotel to store your bags, both hotels are located near Yorkville, and they do have not a fixed fee but You need to pay around $10-15 depending on the duration and items. Also, it is tricky to find other places to store bags but you can ask other hotels.

How to reach?

From Union Station: You can take the subway on the line 1 Yonge-University line, Then you can take a car or You can walk to King Street. Also, you can take a bus ride from Coach Terminal or Bay St to the Distillery District and it cost $4 only.

If you’re arriving directly from The Pearson International Airport You can take the Union Pearson Express to Union Station | UP Express and then you can take the subway on line 1 to King station, or You can get a car to King Street. Union Express can cost $12-15 for adults and car rental from Pearson airport to the district can cost you $40-50 which is not an affordable price.

What to Expect?

The Distillery District has everything for those who are interested in purchasing all kinds of items, for those who love visiting art galleries, and for those who want tasty food in every place they visit. There are a few popular restaurants that can deliver your favorite meals and serve your dinner. You can visit EI Catrin or Boku restaurant to taste delicious Canadian food. Cluny Bistro is also one of the best restaurants in Toronto. There are a lot of stores where you can buy stylish and trendy clothes, health & beauty products, jewelry, and travel accessories.

Distillery District
Image by Wikimedia Commons

Visit the local Art galleries, there are a series of art galleries and studious open for visitors. and each gallery represents its own vision of contemporary art & design. there are 30+ amazing, well-designed buildings including Stone Distillery, Boiler House, and more. don’t forget to visit one of them. The Distillery District also offers all other important facilities and services like parking and medical facilities.

Best Hotels near Distillery District

Hotels near Distillery District
Image By Omni King Hotel & Resorts

Downtown Luxury Victorian: located at a distance of 1.7 km from the district, offers quality services, 9.4 average ratings out of 10, starting at $160 per night.

The Omni King Hotel: #5 best value in the city, located in old town Toronto (1.3 km away from the area) 4-star hotel popular is luxury stays, 4.3 average ratings on Google and Tripadvisor. Starting at $260 per night.

The Strathcona Hotel:  Best budget hotel near the Distillery District Toronto But located at a distance of 2km, Budget hotel with quality services, 4.1 average ratings on TripAdvisor, and Google with over 2.5k visitors. Starting at an affordable price of $65 per night.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Is the Distillery District free?

Yes, It is absolutely free, There is no charge to visit the neighborhood but you can book the advance tour to enjoy everything without wondering about what to do!

Q: How much are Toronto Christmas Market tickets?

Admission is completely free from Tuesday to Friday But for advance purchase, it costs around $8 per person, And the market is closed on Monday.

Q: What is the cheapest way to get from Toronto Union Station to Distillery District?

Line 1 subway on the Yonge-University line is the cheapest way to get to the Distillery District from Union Station, it costs $3-4 only.

Q: How far is it from Toronto Union Station to Distillery District?

The distance between Union Station Toronto and the Distillery District is about 2.0 km, and 2.7 km via a different route. it takes a 20 minutes walk or 10 minutes of a bus ride to reach the village.