Union Station Bus Terminal Toronto Luggage Storage Guide

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Union Station Bus Terminal is one of the popular public transportation hubs in Toronto. The bus terminal is also a part Go Transit Services Canada. The Union Station Bus Terminal is located at 141 Bay Street, Downtown, Toronto. The Bus terminal opened in 2003 to replace the on-street traffic facility in front of the Union Train Station. Around 13-15k travelers take rides from the bus terminal weekly.

Union Station Bus Terminal
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The Union Station Bus Terminal is about to move to a new location by the mid of 2020. located at the south tower of CIBC Square. The new bus terminal will give you safer and more convenient & efficient travel experience. Also, the new bus station will have better connectivity with other subway services in Toronto as well as with all other popular destinations in Canada.

Construction of the new bus terminal started in 2017 and expected to complete and available for the public tests by the mid of 2020. But Currently there no official updates about opening or completion of the building and the bus terminal itself. for more info about the new bus terminal visit website of Metrolinx The project holder of the new Union Station Bus Terminal.

Union Station New Bus Terminal
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Where to Store Luggage near The Union Station Bus Terminal?

There are no lockers at the bus station. Also, we found there is no official information about storing luggage at the bus terminal on the official website of Go Transit. However, there are few companies that are offering luggage storage services in Toronto. And it is the only option if you want to enjoy your holiday without having trouble with your heavy backpacks and luggage.

And we recommend dropping off your luggage using this method of storage, Because it offers storage services in 10+ different locations in Toronto city including CN Tower & Union Station, and other major places. From online booking, to collecting your luggage you are surely getting support from all these luggage storage brands.

Luggage storage near Union Station Bus Terminal
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There are more storage services available such as hotels and public lockers. But it doesn’t offer that much flexibility and affordable rates. So definitely it will be the best option to store your luggage securely with a third-party service provider Like BagsAway, NannyBag, or any other brand near the Union Station, it will help you to experience a luggage-free vacation.

luggage Storage Prices?

Are you wondering “how much does it actually cost to store luggage at a nearby location to the Union Station bus terminal”?. Well, the answer is, that luggage storage prices are different for each of these options. And left-luggage facilities, as well as hotel luggage, is known to be the most expensive option that always costs anywhere between $10-20 for a day.

However, Other luggage storage providers like Vertoe, BagsAway, and NannyBag charge around $2-5 per hour and also you don’t need to pay any extra charges for the insurance. Most of them provide services at an affordable price as low as $1.5 per hour, as high as $3/hour. They also offer free cancellation if needed for some reason.

More Info About the current Union Station Bus Terminal

Location: Union Station Bus Terminal, 141 Bay Street, Downtown, Toronto, Canada
Operation Hours: 6:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Parking: Available near the terminal, Paid Parking
Contact & Inquiry: 1-888-438-6646

Note: These details are also available on the website of Go Transit Canada you can use these only for general inquiry purposes. But there is no official info about the lost & found items. So if you need help or support ask your bus operator.

What to Expect?

ATMs are open some of them are open for 24/7 hours for domestic and international usage at the bus terminal. The Bus Station building is also clean & fresh you can take rest anywhere you want? Waiting rooms and public washrooms are also available. Public telephones are also available you can use them for any urgent call as well as for normal usage.

Union Station Bus Terminal Toronto
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Get connected to secure internet browsing or be online at work with free and fast Wi-Fi available at the bus terminal. Unfortunately, The Shopping option is not available at the current bus terminal But you will enjoy shopping soon in the new Union Station Bus Terminal. But still, coffee shops and restaurants are open where you can eat and drink during your short or long trips.

Best Hotels near the Union Station Bus Terminal

Hotels Near Union Station Bus Terminal
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Bond Palace Hotel: Located at a distance of 1 km from the Bus Terminal, Best budget hotel, a 3-star hotel with good quality services, 3.7+ Average ratings on Google Hotels, Starting at $85 per night.

Novotel Toronto Center: 320 m away from the Bus Terminal, the Best Value in hotels near the bus station, 4.1 ratings on google, Starting at $120 per night.

Sheraton Center Hotel: Located near The Union Station Bus Terminal, the best value in luxury stays, 4.4 average ratings on Trip Advisor & Google, Premiums rooms, and other services. Starting at $230 per night.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Where to store luggage near the Union Station Bus Terminal?

There is no locker or storage at the bus terminal But there are a few storage providers that provide storage services in Toronto and You can store your luggage near the Union Station with BagsAway.

Q: Where is the Union Station Go Bus Terminal?

Union Station Bus Terminal is located at 141 Bay Street, Downtown, Toronto, in front of Union Train Station.

Q: Can I bring luggage on a bus to Toronto?

1 luggage with no heavyweight is allowed, But you can not bring a large amount of luggage or heavy backpacks. But during non-rush hours you can bring your luggage or anything you can carry.

Q: Can I buy Go Bus tickets online?

Yes, You can buy online Go Bus tickets and e-tickets are convenient as well as easy to buy and make it easy to pay your fares for short trips.