Union Station Toronto Guide to Luggage Storage

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Union Station Toronto is one of the major transportation hubs of Toronto and Canada as a whole. Over 1.8 Million local & international travelers pass through every week, and 70+ million riders every year, making it the busiest station in all of Canada. Union Station is a destination within and of itself with unique hosted events, retail shops, and international eateries gracing it.

It is considered to be one of the largest and most impressive stations in all of North America. The station connects to all corners of the city, with the local subway, aka (TTC) Toronto Transit Commission, the GO, Amtrak, and the ViaRail. The Union Pearson Express also departs from the station, making it easy to enter and depart the city from Pearson International Airport.

Union Station
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Union Station is located at the heart of Toronto’s downtown on Front Street West, providing an easy access point to all popular destinations across the city including the CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Yorkville, Casa Loma, and more. It’s known as Canada’s most opulent railway station, with its famously known expansive Great Hall.

Where to Store Your Luggage at Union Station Toronto?

Union Station Toronto
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Planning to visit Toronto’s best attractions located near Union Station Toronto? What about your luggage and unnecessary and heavy bags you have? Because with so many things to do in the area around the stations there isn’t a moment to waste dragging luggage and heavy backpacks. And it makes it very hard to store luggage in your hotel because they have limited storage for a quality stay and accommodations. So what’s the best option? The only other option is to store your bags with an on-demand luggage storage provider securely.

There are 3-4 Airbnb-inspired luggage storage service providers offering convenient locations around Toronto’s main transit stations such as Union Station, Bloor-Young, and more attractions, and popular neighborhoods. And these brands can help you to be free from your luggage by storing them near Union Station Toronto. Here is the list of top storage companies,

  • BagsAway (offers luggage storage at affordable prices)
  • Stasher (offers luggage storage at major locations in Toronto)
  • Vertoe (affordable prices for luggage storage solution)
  • NannyBag (manages luggage and allows travelers to enjoy)
  • Bounce (provides luggage at several locations in the city)

There are a few more of these brands but in our list, these are considered safe and secure to store luggage without having any worry, Going with any of them for storing your luggage will make it easy for you. You can choose according to location and budget preferences.

Luggage Storage Prices at Union Station Toronto

Despite managing heavy traffic with domestic and international riders, the station doesn’t offer locker or storage services to the general passengers. The only storage option is available solely to VIA Rail or Amtrak passengers, at a cost of $6 per item, or complementary to business class tickets, which is again not suitable for most of the passengers according to their storage needs.

If you are not a ticket holder but need to store your luggage you can expect to pay anywhere between $1-3 per hour or $6-$10 per day for an item depending on the provider, duration, and the size of the item. We’ve gone through the detailed comparison between the storage offered with tickets and each of the above storage options and found storing with brands is the best option in Toronto based on the following things:

  • Price flexibility with hourly and daily rates: Prices start at just $1.5 per hour. Most locations will set you back $6/item/day, excluding a few high-demand locations that can charge up to $10/item/day.
  • Worry-free cancellation and insurance coverage: automatically included with each order covering each item starting at $1,200, and going up to $3,000+ for any losses.
  • Convenient locations: This service offers the widest coverage across the city with over 65 locations across the Greater Toronto Area.

With so many convenient options around Toronto, be sure to leave your bags at a luggage storage location to enjoy a bag-free trip!

Where to Eat & Shop at Union Station Toronto?

Union Station, Toronto, Canada
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Union Station Toronto has been undergoing a major makeover for the past several years. The facelift brought revamped retailers and most importantly food options! With more than 100 shops and food vendors, the station offers mouth-watering eats, a fresh market, and fast food options. For a taste of Toronto head to the Union food court on arrival and before your departure. Our top choices include the Loaded Pierogi and the Sushi Shop

If you’re heading to the Go Concourse, be sure to check out the renowned “Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake”, whose Yonge street location never fails to produce a line-up at all hours of the day. If you’re looking for a light and refreshing snack Booster Juice is the way to go! If you’re looking to pass the time, rest or get some work done jump on the free Wi-Fi connection and head over to the TD infinite Lounge, available 7:00 AM – 7:30 PM daily.

3 Best Hotels Near Union Station Toronto

Hotels Near Union Station
Image By Omni Hotel Toronto

Holiday Inn Express: 1 km away from the Station, #12 Best budget hotels in the city, with 3.9 average ratings. The average room cost starts at $150 CAD per night.

The Strathcona Hotel: Located just half a kilometer away from Union Station, this hotel earned itself 4+ ratings with prices starting at $160 CAD per night.

The Omni King Edward Hotel: Also located half a kilometer away from Union Station Toronto, this luxury hotel ranking #1 for the best value in places to stay in Toronto. With 4.5 average ratings on TripAdvisor, this sounds like a top place to spend a night but it won’t come cheap with starting prices exceeding $300 USD per night.

Frequently asked questions: 

Q: Can you Store luggage at Union Station Toronto?

No, there is no public locker or storage at the station, but there is a number of luggage storage providers near the station and we recommended BagsAway to store your luggage securely.

Q: When is Union Station Open?

Union Station Toronto’s operation time: 5:00 am – 12:45 am,

Q: Is there public restrooms at Union Station Toronto?

Yes, Station has public restrooms and washrooms, to check exact locations visit the website of the station, and see the digital map of Union Station.

Q: How do I contact Lost and Found at Union Station?

There are three lost & found departments at Union Station, report your lost item to 416-338-8000 for Toronto. For more info visit the official website

Q: Looking for ATMs where can I find them?

There are multiple ATMs available at the station open for 24 hours for local and international transactions.