Queen Station Toronto Luggage Storage Guide

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Queen is a subway station on line 1 which is known as the Yonge-University (Queen-Younge Street) line in Toronto. The station is located at 8 Queen Stree West, Toronto Canada. around 1.3 km away from Downtown” the heart of Toronto city. Queen Station is a part of transportation services by (TTC) Toronto Transit Commission the operator of subway stations in Toronto.

Queen Station
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The station was opened in 1954 with other stations on line-one and the station became accessible in 1997 with elevators and other new facilities. The Station has seven entrances form the street level which also includes entrances from inside The Eaton Center and The Maritime Life Tower. there are more entrances from Shuter Street and Queen Street West as well.

Queen Station
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The destinations around the station are popular for short trips in Toronto where travelers can enjoy some cool things like visiting Eaton Center, Hassey Hall, Old City Hall, and more places. Queen Station also provides all other facilities for passengers to make their travel experience good.

Where to Store Luggage near Queen Station?

Luggage Storage at Queen Station
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Lockers are not available at the station as we found reading the description of the Queen Station on the website of TTC. But there are few companies like BagsAway, Stasher, Vertoe, and more offer luggage storage near Queen Station & Queen-Yonge Street. You can also use left luggage offline facilities if available such as lockers But they are expensive and have limited space to store accessories. So to store luggage the only option is” store luggage with a storage provider.

We recommend BagsAway to store luggage near Queen Station it offers services in attractions around the queen station as well as in 7+ different locations in Toronto. it is convenient, Affordable, Easy to manage online. Also, BagsAway is leading luggage storage solution with 4.7+ Positive reviews in Toronto, Check some reviews here.

“I left my bags at Queen Quay location inside a penguin pickup store. Staffs were very friendly and professional, happily accepted our bags. Great experience and a great alternative when lockers are not available”

Celeste Munger Says” this was a lifesaver when my flight was canceled and didn’t want to stay at the airport for 4 hours It was easy and affordable to drop my bags and collect when I was ready. Read more reviews on Google

Luggage Storage Prices

To store your luggage with a service provider like Vertoe and Stasher You have to pay anywhere between $2-5 per hour, $7-10 Per Item. However, BagsAway offers great services with affordable prices starting at just $1.5 hour with free online cancellation as well as insurance cover up to $3000 for any loss, No extra charges needed. And this is what makes BagsAway the Best luggage storage solution in Toronto, Canada with happy customers And travelers across the globe. Also, Check BagsAway’s Website to know more about storing your luggage.

Other Info About Queen Station Toronto

Location: Queen Station, 8 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5C 2X9, Canada
Operation Hours: 5:55 AM – 1:50 AM
Parking: Paid Parking Facility
Number of Entrance: Seven

Note: There is no official info about lost and found department or items on the TTC’s website But if you need any urgent help, ask guards or contact TTC support.

What to Expect?

Queen Station Toronto
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With clean and modern platforms the station offers all the important facilities, Public washrooms are available, Wi-Fi Enabled station helps travelers to get connected to Internet or online project, with family as well. Shopping option is not available But you can find a lot of restaurants out there. Designated waiting areas (DWAs) are available at all platforms for your safety and convenience while you are waiting for your train. ATMs are open outside the station.

Best Hotels near Queen Station

Best Hotels near Queen Station
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Bond Palace Hotel: Best budget Hotel near the Queen Station, #7 Best hotel in places to stay in Toronto, located at a short distance of 0.4 km from the station, 3.7 average ratings Starting at $90 per night.

Double Tree By Hilton: 320 m away from the queen station, 4-star hotel, 4.2 average ratings on Google by over 2700 visitors. Starting price $120-150 per night.

Fairmont Royal York: 0.8 km away from the station, #1 ranking in places to stay in Toronto according to TripAdvisor. 4.7 Average ratings, Luxury Hotel with premium services, Prices start from $340 per night.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Where to store luggage near Queen Station Toronto?

Lockers are not available, But you can store your luggage with storage service providers, We recommend BagsAway to store your luggage securely.

Q: How far is Queen Station from Union Station Toronto?

The distance between The Queen Station And Union Station is almost 1.3 km and it takes around 7-10 minutes to reach.

Q: What is The Cheapest way to get from Queen Station to Union Station?

Traveling via train on line 1 subway is the cheapest option to get from Queen to Union Station Downtown. It costs $4-6 only.