Rogers Center Toronto Bag Storage Guide

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Rogers Center Toronto is a multi-purpose stadium also known as Skydome, It is also one of the popular tourist attractions in Toronto and considered Toronto’s premier sports & entertainment complex. The Rogers Center is also home to Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian football league and the National Basketball Association. over 200 events are hosted every year at the Rogers Center Stadium Including family shows and live concerts, and other events as well.

Rogers Center Toronto

The Rogers Center is located at the heart of downtown Toronto, Near the CN Tower and Air Canada center. It is easily accessible by Go Transit Train, Go Buses, Streetcar, and line one subway through Union Station. The construction of the stadium was completed in 1989 over 2000 events are hosted with a large number of visitors (60+ million) at the stadium since the opening day in 1989. It also hosts other large events such as trade fairs, Conventions, traveling carnivals, and more. Also, The Rogers Center received the (Stadium of the Year Award) Voted by Billboard & Performance Magazine.

Where to Store Luggage Near Rogers Center Toronto?

luggage storage near rogers center
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Are you wondering “Where to store luggage near the Rogers Center? or you want to visit the Rogers Center to watch a live concert or a live football match without carrying your bags. So, Visitors are allowed to take soft-sided bags no larger than 16” x 16 inches” at the stadium and that means there is no issue if you bring a bag with your normal accessories inside. for heavy bags and luggage, definitely you need to store at the hotel or with a storage provider. and there are online luggage storage providers offer storage near the Rogers Center Toronto.

Alternative Luggage storage

You can also store your luggage at nearby hotels, InterConentional Hotel allows travelers to store their luggage for a few hours, If you don’t stay at the hotel you can still store your luggage. Visit the hotel counter and they will write your personal details and give you a ticket. And if you want to store luggage for free it can be tricky to find places where you can store for free, but it is possible! Just visit any random hotel and ask them, in case they want to store your luggage give them a special Tip.

Luggage Storage Prices

There are a few more luggage storage providers are available in Toronto, To store your luggage with companies like BagsAway, STasher, Vertoe, Luggage Hero, You need to pay an hourly rate of $1.5 to $4 or $7-12 per item. InterConentional Hotel charges around $5-10 to store luggage for a few hours, ask prices before storing luggage at the hotel. So, stop worrying about your luggage if you are in Toronto, Just you need to use any of these methods, for online service report your location they will pick up your luggage.

More Info About Rogers Center

Location: Rogers Center (Skydome) 1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V 1J1, Canada
Opening Hours: 10:AM – 07:PM
Parking: Available
Telephone: 416-341-1000

Note: There is no official info about lost & found items or support by the stadium, the shared number is only for general inquiry, It will be good If you can store your luggage.

What To Expect?

Rogers Center Toronto

Rogers Center Toronto is one of the unique and well-designed stadiums. You can sit anywhere and you will get a perfect view while watching a live football match. Washrooms and women restrooms are available, The stadium also offers parking service, No shopping option But food and coffee shops are available. A family-friendly environment, telephones are available for assistance, Charging stations are also available,  ATMs are open for transactions in various levels of the stadium. Bicycles stand is open for local visitors, And there are a few shops available to buy sports items.

Best Hotels near the Rogers Center

hotel near the rogers center
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Simply comfort suites: 600 m away from the stadium, Best budget hotel with quality services, 4.1 average ratings on Google & TripAdvisor, Starting at $90 per night.

Radisson Admiral Hotel: 430 m away from the stadium, #8 Best hotel in the city according to TripAdvisor, 4.3 average ratings on Google, 4-star hotel, Starting at 130 per night.

InterConcentional Hotel: 4-star hotel near the Rogers Center, The Best value near the stadium, 4.2+ average ratings on Google, not a budget hotel, Starting prices $185 per night.

Frequently Asked Question!

Q: Where to store luggage near Rogers Center Toronto?

There are a few luggage storage providers offer storage service in Toronto, But We recommend BagsAway to store luggage securely near Rogers Center Toronto.

Q: Do you need to book tickets in advance to visit Rogers Center?

You can book tickets in advance, And it is good to secure your spot. You can cancel your tickets before 24 hours of match or event opening.

Q: Is there free WI-FI at Rogers Center Toronto?

Yes, Free Wi-Fi is available, you can use to access social media or to get travel updates of yours.

Q: What happens at Rogers Center?

Rogers Center Toronto is primarily a sports venue, it also hosts other large events such as conventions, trade fairs, concerts, traveling carnivals, and other events and shows.