Your Guide to luggage storage in Toronto

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Luggage storage in Toronto

Toronto – Canada’s most multicultural metropolis has grown at a rapid pace into a world-class city. In 2019 alone 28 million visitors came through Toronto, spending a record 6.7 Billion, with a capital B! It comes as no surprise the roads and Toronto’s public transit (aka the TTC) get mighty packed during the high-travel season. Whether you’re exploring the city on foot, using the Hop-on-Hop-off, or navigating the subway system, lugging your bags along would put a serious damper on your trip!

This guide is here to help you enjoy the city without the weight of your luggage. Save time and travel in Toronto’s sights without the worry of your bags in the way. Store your suitcases, shopping bags, or just heavy stuff and visit some of the amazing local museums and attractions, eat your way through the multi-cultural flavours at one of the restaurants, head to the infamous graffiti alley for a photoshoot, or just hang out at one of the many parks.

Storing your luggage in Toronto is genius and this guide will help you navigate options

Are you checking out of your Airbnb or your hotel is on the other side of the city? Heading to a business meeting directly from the airport or train but don’t want to bring your bags along? You’ll likely find yourself passing through these popular places:

Union Station
UP Express Train
CN Tower
Scotiabank Arena (Air Canada Center)
Toronto Eaton Center
Distillery District
Yorkville Toronto
The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)

Click to find the nearest luggage storage location and information about each place.

Some wonderful sights to visit luggage free

We recommend dropping off your luggage at BagsAway Luggage Storage

I compared a number of brands currently operating in Toronto including, Stasher, BagsAway, Bagbnb, Excess Luggage, and evaluated the service based on several factors, including the number of locations, the convenience of locations, the safety of your luggage, and the online booking experience. BagsAway gets my vote for optimal giving peace of mind while travelling and you’re doing the things you love.

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