Billy Bishop Downtown Airport Luggage Storage Guide

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Billy Bishop Downtown Airport is a 25-minute walk from the downtown core and the main airlines operating at the airport are Porter and Air Canada Rouge.


This is the best airport to arrive in if you are arriving from near-by destinations. The airport is also known as Toronto Island airport and construction of the airport was completed in 1939 and regional airlines were introduced in the 1970s. And there are 2.7 million travelers around the world fly to the Billy Bishop Downtown Airport every year. The airport has very good connectivity with 20 destinations in Canada and the United States. as well as with 80 International destinations.

The airport has a single runway and a single terminal for passengers. also overnight sleeping at the airport terminal is not allowed. However, all other facilities are available such as Baggage carts, car parking, car rental, etc. We will explain all services and facilities one by one.

Airport Code & Other Important details?

Airport Code & Name: YTZ (Billy Bishop Airport)
Airport Location: 1 Island Airport, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 1A1
Operation hours: 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Telephone: 416-203-6942
Lost & Found Support: call 416 201 5758, Toll-free 1844 617 4695, [email protected]

Note: All these important details are taken from the official website of Billy Bishop Airport and you can only use these details to get assistance and support By lost and found department & others.

How do I get to the Billy Bishop Downtown Airport?


There are a number of different ways to get to the airport.

Airport Shuttle: Runs every 15 minutes and The shuttle stop is located outside the Royal York hotel. for schedule, info visits the official website of the airport authority.

Pedestrian Tunnel: This 853-ft tunnel connects Billy Bishop Airport, walk underground tunnel, it will take around 10-15 minutes to get to the airport.

Take a Ferry: After arriving at the entrance of the main airport you need to take a ferry. and ferry services start from 7:00 AM daily. taking a ferry you will enjoy the world’s shortest ride.

However, If you are coming from Bathurst and Union station stop the shuttle is probably easier to reach at the airport. car rental and other public transport services are also available.

What to expect?


A small & modern terminal with shopping, eating & drinking facilities. Free WiFi is also available to help pass the time, working, or watching online content on the internet. Also, there are a number of charging points where you can recharge your gadgets & devices without issue.

And shopping at airports is known as one of the best things to enjoy So definitely try to visit shops to get something cool for your self if you have time. also visiting restaurants brings an amazing experience of traveling. if you do not have much time or you don’t like to visit malls & shops, visit one of the restaurants of Billy Bishop Downtown Airport to taste the flavor of Toronto. if you are a local traveler definitely is not for you it is for people who are flying to the airport for the first time.

Where to sleep: For day time seating & taking rest is allowed in the Porter Lounge But overnight sleeping may prohibit as the airport doesn’t operate after 11:pm, You can book a hotel outside the airport to stay & sleep and it is the only option.

Where to Store your luggage?

Billy Bishop Downtown Airport

Unfortunately, Luggage storage or locker services are not available at Billy Bishop Downtown Airport due to security reasons as airport authority says. But still, you can store your luggage to enjoy luggage free vacation. BagsAway provides luggage storage services in a few places in Toronto and Union station is closest to the Billy Bishop Downtown Airport. Also, nearby hotels don’t allow travelers to store luggage if you want then you should book and stay?

The Aiport only offers Baggage carts to make it easier to manage your luggage & backpacks. lost & found support to find your items, assistance & other services. for lost and found support contact the lost & found department. Also, Currency exchange is not available at the airport. to know more about the services visit services page of the airport’s website.

Hotels Near Billy Bishop Downtown Airport

There are a number of budget and luxury hotels near the airport and we have listed 3 best hotels to stay in.

Simply Comfort Suites: Located at a distance of 1.6 km from the airport, 4.2 average ratings out of 5, prices start from $120 per night.

The Clarence Park: Known as the best budget hotels near the airport, located at a distance of 1.8 km, 3.9 average ratings. cost per night is cheap & affordable at $60 only.

InterContinental Toronto Centre: Luxury hotel provides all services, away from the Billy Bishop Airport. 4+ average rating and prices start from $180 per night, ranked 2 in luxury stays.

What do travelers say about the airport & services?


As there is no longer for overnight sleeping, Sometimes travelers face flight delay. Travelers rated 4 out of 5 which is good but the quality of existing services should be improved as well as performance. Also, more facilities should be started soon for a better travel experience. Overall good performance and the airport ranked 124 in the world.

frequently asked questions

Q: What time should I arrive at Billy Bishop?

It will be good if you come before 1 hour of your flight that can complete security check-ups as well as other important paperwork. However, the airport operation time is 5:AM-11:PM daily.

Q: How busy is Billy Bishop Airport?

Billy Bishop Airport is Known sixth busiest airport in Canada. Around 2.8 million travelers fly to the airport annually.

Q: What is the code of Billy bishop Airport?

YTZ is the airport code of Billy Bishop Downtown Airport, Toronto, Canada.

Q: Is the Billy Bishop shuttle free?

Billy Bishop Airport offers a shuttle service with four 32-foot shuttle buses that are equipped with free.

Q: where to store luggage at Billy Bishop Airport?   

Currently,  Luggage storage or locker services are not available at the airport due to security reasons. You can store your luggage with BagsAway at Union Station.